The Matawan Huskies Softball Club was created to give local girls an opportunity to play town-level travel softball in a fun, friendly and low-pressure environment against local teams at similar skill levels.  Created in parallel with Aberdeen-Matawan Youth Athletics Association's girl's recreation softball program, the Huskies offer interested youth athletes additional skill-building and team building practice time, beyond the recreational softball season.  In addition to learning new skills and introducing local players to the world of travel softball, we hope that this program will serve as a "feeder-program" for Middle school and beyond by keeping the local girls together.


  • Q: Will Huskies players be required to play in the AMYAA spring season?

  • A: All 8u and 10u Huskies will be required to register and play in AMYAA's Spring recreational ("Rec.") season.  Fall rec. ball participation will be optional.  Players who did not play in the previous spring rec season are still encouraged to tryout for a travel team in the fall.  12u Huskies are encouraged to play Rec., but will not be required.  

  • Q: How will it be possible for 8u and 10u players to play travel and rec. at the same time?

  • A: The Spring rec. season is short (mid-April thru mid-June).  Huskies practice and game times will be scheduled around the AMYA Rec. season.

  • Q: My daughter is new to the sport and I'm not sure that travel is an option.  Is this a good fit?

  • A: There are many levels of travel softball, beginning at town-travel and accelerating through club-level (with many levels in between).  Our 8u and 10u teams are entry-level/town teams and are being created for players and families who want to test the waters and are willing to commit to a team.  As the teams and players become more practiced, each coach will design their schedules accordingly.  Our 12u team has been together for multiple seasons,  is beyond the entry-level phase and have found success on the field, but are open to adding players to the roster (especially pitchers and catchers).  Families interested in learning more about the 12u team should contact coach Bobby Carnovsky.

  • Q: What time commitment is expected for Huskies players?

  • A: Each Huskies team will practice one or two (depending on schedules) times a week beginning mid-to-late March.  Game schedules for each team will be announced by each team's coach.  Some teams may choose to participate in local leagues and/or tournaments.  Because the 8u and 10u teams will be newly formed and likely will consist of players new to the sport, the schedule will likely be practice heavy and light on games.

  • Q: My daughter plays another sport.  Is it possible to do both?

  • A: Yes!  The Huskies schedule will be light and many 12u players play other travel and rec sports.  In fact, we encourage it.

  • Q: What is the length of the travel season?

  • A: Typically, Spring travel softball is played mid-March/early-April through July.  Teams usually shut down mid-July and pick back up in September for a quick fall season ending around Halloween.  Most teams then practice indoors, January through March to ready for the next Spring season.

  • Q: How much does it cost to participate?

  • A: Each team's coach will be responsible for creating a team budget, which will cover uniform, insurance and game costs and will discuss that with interested parents.  Note that all efforts are made to keep team fees as low as possible and not prohibitive for any family.

If there are any additional questions, please email us.